Our Adult Ministries

Here at Calvary Bible Church we have adult ministries in a variety of different ways. From helping the common church-goer, to working for the congregation itself, we are constantly looking for ways to help people and work with the community. These ministries include anything from working with the younger kids to going out in the community and doing community service to make Myrtle Beach a better place. We believe that service for all ages is important but adults carry the huge responsibility of leading by example to the younger generations. By instilling in their minds that they are able to make an impact in the community, they will see that it can be fun and helpful to serve as many people as they can for the use of glorifying God. If we don’t serve, this doesn’t happen, and the community and the children don’t receive the proper care and love that they need to glorify God, and we want to glorify God. If we glorify God, things will always work out for them that are called to God. If this is the case, we are guaranteed to be in the good graces of God, which everyone is. We want people to be in the good graces.


Come and find your place at Calvary. We have an exciting, growing church that has a spot just for you.


Foundations Class

Are you interested in learning more about CBC? This Sunday School class is designed to outline the Biblical principles we believe at Calvary. This is a great place to consider membership at Calvary and to connect with others who are considering membership.



Ladies Ministry

The ladies of Calvary are active enjoying lunch and special outings monthly.

Climbing Higher

The Ladies Sunday School Class is using Dorthy Davis’ book Climbing Higher. It is a Bible study guide to help you overcome the obstacles in your path to Christlikeness. The 12 topics include pride, discouragement, fear, bitterness, ingratitude, worldliness, idolatry, self-deceit, and more.


Calvary has an exciting ministry to the men and young men of our church and community.

  • Prayer Breakfasts
  • Annual Men’s Camp Out