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Here at Calvary Bible Church, we are open to any questions that you have about the church. And when we say any question, we mean: ANY QUESTION. Please feel free to ask us about the church preaching style, general questions about the Bible, or anything in between. We want you to feel comfortable at Calvary Bible Church, and we feel like to accomplish this, we need your input. If you attended a service, and you have a question about anything, we promise that we will respond as quickly as we can. Some questions are easy, some are not. We understand that. It shouldn’t be a tedious task to ask a simple question. That is why we have this question forum. This is also a general feedback forum that we run. If you have any feedback about a service that we did, please feel free to tell us what you thought, and we will respond, promptly. We want your input. And if we don’t have your input, we feel like we failed you. And we do not want to fail you. Failing our own community is our least desire. If we fail you, we fail God, we do not want to fail God. If we fail God, we are not doing our job as Christians who are looking to serve the community in every way, shape, and form. So please, ask us anything. Contact us with any question that you have. Contact us with any feedback that you have. We need your input to succeed as Christians and as a church. It is essential as a body of believers to accept input and feedback.

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