Here at CBC, one of our biggest goals is to incorporate worship into music of praise. Using Majesty as our primary hymn source, we believe we have thoroughly accomplished this goal. Singing is an essential part of a believer’s life in glorifying God. We should use songs to worship him. We need to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, the Bible commands it. If the Bible commands that we sing praise to Him, we should sing praise to Him. No exceptions. We want to glorify God in everything that we say and do. So why should that stop at singing? It shouldn’t; that’s exactly the thing!

God wants us to praise him in every thought and deed. Here at CBC, our belief is not only that we praise God through our actions, but through our songs too! By doing this, we can glorify God in every way shape and form, not giving us the glory, however. The glory is all God’s. With this belief, and the Bible, we can rest assured that God will not forsake us.


Music Ministries

Church Hymns

This is the hymnal that we use in our services.

Majesty Hymns

Bible-Centered Worship

CBC’s biggest goal in our ministry is to make each and every person who steps through our church doors a follower of Christ. One of our ways that we can reach this goal of making each person a follower of Christ is through music.


Our Philosophy

Through our ministry in music, we hope to achieve two things: the worship of God, and to have the congregation join in the worship. We accomplish this by not only having hymns that sound beautiful, but is also powerful. We have a variety of modern and ancient songs that correlate with each message every Sunday.