Pastor and Principal, Mark Roland


Our dedicated staff is always looking to make sure that your Calvary Bible Church experience is a great one. With Pastor Bosworth and Mark Roland, we are constantly growing as a church every day. We want you to be a part of this too. We want you to experience the same joy that we experience from Calvary Bible Church. Our staff includes Pastor Bosworth, Pastor Roland, and many volunteers who are dedicating all the time that they have to make Calvary thrive, and we want you to appreciate how they’re serving the Lord, as much as we do. That’s why we invite you to service here at Calvary Bible Church, we will make sure that all your needs are accommodated; nothing will be left behind, and we want you to understand that.

Pastor Bosworth and Pastor Roland are constantly looking for ways to expand the church and enrich your spiritual life. And the congregation believes that they do an amazing job at this, so we want you to experience this amazing job. We don’t want you to feel left out. That is why we are looking to expand Calvary Bible Church in every way possible.

Our job isn’t just to make you feel good about going to a church like Calvary Bible Church though, our ultimate goal is to draw you closer to Christ, and we aim to do that. Through our goals, and God’s glory, we want you to feel the same joy and humility that we have from serving Calvary Bible Church. Our staff wants you to draw closer to God, and we feel like if we can do that, then we have thoroughly accomplished our goal as a church and as a community.



Pastor Burton Bosworth

Pastor Mark Roland Bio.
Mark Roland had the great privilege of growing up in a loving, Christian home being exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily in his home, church, and Christian school. Through the grace of God and the
faithful ministry of many, he came to know Jesus as Savior as an eight-year-old, and he followed the profession of this faith with baptism.
God’s grace continued to be manifest in his life in many ways and by many means. In high school, he believed the Lord was leading him to pursue full-time preaching ministry. He enrolled in Bob Jones University’s School of Religion as a Bible major in the fall of 1997. God used these years in Mark’s life to help solidify both a biblical foundation for living and His call to preach and teach the Scripture.
During these formative college and seminary years, Mark experienced God’s favor in a special way. He met Bethany Bosworth, and God drew their hearts together around His call on their lives. In 2002,
Bethany and Mark were married and set out to follow God’s call as a family.
As newlyweds, they were part of the planting of Castle Rock Baptist Church in Tucson, Arizona. During their time in Tucson, God blessed them with two children, Ethan and Gracie. Three years later, in the fall
of 2005, the family moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to partner with Bethany’s father in planting Heritage Bible Church. As Heritage Bible Church grew, the Lord opened a wonderful opportunity to merge with Calvary Bible Church and Christian School. The Lord’s grace has been abundant over the past sixteen years as Mark has had the privilege of serving as co-pastor of Calvary Bible Church and the principal of Calvary Christian School.
The Lord continued to bless the Roland household with seven more children. Caroline, Braiden, Aaron, Brycen, Jayden, Brinley, and Adalyn have been gracious gifts to the Roland family. There have been continuous threads of God’s mercy, grace, and blessing from Mark’s childhood to the
present. It is his and Bethany’s desire to be faithful stewards of these gifts for the Kingdom of God. They see their primary ministry as raising their children to take their place as faithful stewards in the Kingdom of God through living and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.