Our dedicated staff is always looking to make sure that your Calvary Bible Church experience is a great one. With Pastor Bosworth and Mark Roland, we are constantly growing as a church every day. We want you to be a part of this too. We want you to experience the same joy that we experience from Calvary Bible Church. Our staff includes Pastor Bosworth, Pastor Roland, and many volunteers who are dedicating all the time that they have to make Calvary thrive, and we want you to appreciate how they’re serving the Lord, as much as we do. That’s why we invite you to service here at Calvary Bible Church, we will make sure that all your needs are accommodated; nothing will be left behind, and we want you to understand that.

Pastor Bosworth and Pastor Roland are constantly looking for ways to expand the church and enrich your spiritual life. And the congregation believes that they do an amazing job at this, so we want you to experience this amazing job. We don’t want you to feel left out. That is why we are looking to expand Calvary Bible Church in every way possible.

Our job isn’t just to make you feel good about going to a church like Calvary Bible Church though, our ultimate goal is to draw you closer to Christ, and we aim to do that. Through our goals, and God’s glory, we want you to feel the same joy and humility that we have from serving Calvary Bible Church. Our staff wants you to draw closer to God, and we feel like if we can do that, then we have thoroughly accomplished our goal as a church and as a community.




Mark Roland


Burton Bosworth